Hello outdoor and automotive blogging world. I’ve started this website because I have always loved doing things in the outdoors and anything car or truck related. Hopefully here I can combine my two passions and make something out of it.

My family has always fostered and nurtured a love for outdoor activities. When I was a toddler I basically learned how to walk on a boat. My parents had me out fishing before I could even walk. Next came weekend camping trips first in a tent, then in a camper, and now we are back full circle to tents. I have camped and hiked throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado.

Recently, we have moved to a mixture of camping and hitting off-road trails throughout the west. This has been a favorite of mine because it brings trucks, Jeeps, and other SUVs into the picture. This passion was reinforced when my parents got a 2000 Toyota 4Runner for me to drive as a teenager. That then parlayed into two F-150s that have seen many a trail in Colorado and Utah. Follow along as I post more stories about vehicles, both past and future, and other outdoor content.

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