On our family road trip this summer we only had time to do one trail in Moab. We decided the best way to wet our beak in the Moab wilderness was to drive the famous Hell’s Revenge. Our vehicles of choice? A 2018 Ford F-150 and a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. Based off my trail guide book, it is rated “DIFFICULT”. How hard could it be though? There are a number of videos online of F-150 Raptors and Trailhawks completing the obstacles.

We met some nice gentlemen at the beginning who were in a Toyota Tacoma that was quite outfitted for what we were about to embark on. They have a bit more experience with this sort of thing than we do so they tagged along for the ride. From the get go it became apparent that the number 1 challenge I would face would be visibility out of the bigger truck and over the longer hood. The truck handled everything fantastically at the start, I just couldn’t see a damn thing.

We drew eyes at every point on the trail from rented side by sides and built out tour Jeeps. I am proud of how our vehicles handled the terrain but the tour guides didn’t have any problem showing their disgust with our weapons of choice. Locked in 4 Low, rear ends, and first gear we definitely had to move through every spot a bit slower and with more spotting than others but we finished the trail with minimal damage, it just took us about double what our guide book says. All in all, an F-150 can do this trail. You just have to be ready to scrape your front skid plate on approach and to scrape your trailer hitch on descent. We could have cut a good chunk of time off by by passing the end and going out the in, but we decided against that because we live in Louisiana and are only ever able to do things like this every other summer just about.

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